And Just Like That, The State of Their Marriage Became as Clear as a Block of Ice

With one immobilizing action, she knew three things were true

kasey sparks
4 min readJun 30, 2023


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The storage locker irritated her.

Two years ago her husband had taken over the $75 per month payments for the unit after the death of his mom. She knew her husband still grieved her death and that the locker held the last remaining physical parts of her life, but she’d grown weary of seeing that money disappear each month.

She also knew of his mother’s inability to let go of things — even things beyond their expiration date or usefulness, things broken and worn out. She suspected the locker contained many such things.

So when the kids set off for a week of summer camp, she suggested they take the 500-mile drive to visit the locker and sort through its contents.

With a sullen face, he reluctantly agreed.

They made a wordless trek across the scenic free state and checked into a hotel to learn that the only room left was the honeymoon suite.

The irony of this hit her hard.

For most of their union, she’d longed to feel loved by the man she married. She craved to be touched. She ached for intimacy. But sex — or any other type of affection — was a rarity. She reasoned that a honeymoon-style encounter would not be happening on this trip.

To add to this, for about a year now, she’d been having an affair. She harbored a heavy amount of guilt for it but ending the relationship with her lover proved tough. It gave her the intimacy she desired.

Yet even throughout this act of betrayal, she held onto a hope that she and her husband could kindle a reconnection. She imagined a crack of light still trickled through the door to her heart.

Tired from their journey and knowing what lay ahead, they settled into opposite sides of the king-size bed.

They arrived at the locker with the early morning sun blasting its warmth on their backs. He turned the key in the rusty lock and it groaned open. The locker door rattled and complained as he pushed it up. A strong scent of…



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